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Ddl 2012 Warblade MK II




it is a great bike! great price! fits great! does not need a major rebuild or anything else! this bike was built to last! then the fender dings started happening! my bike has about 85 miles on it which it took me one ride to realize that the rear rack bracket went. i noticed a tiny dent on the top left side of the rear rack bracket but it was not obvious that the rack was off. the bike was a year old at that point. i was racing a board track and i was having trouble keeping the rear tire mounted. luckily, i was on a slight downhill slope but as i was about to pass the track i was traveling pretty fast and i could tell that my rear tire was going to blow off. there was a hill right behind me so it took me a minute to turn and slow down enough to pass the track. then it started going downhill and i could see my bike in the distance. i turned around to see my rear tire starting to blow out. luckily, i slowed down at the right moment and managed to stop about a quarter mile from the track. about 10 minutes later when i finally got my bike home, i notice the rear rack bracket was off of the bike. the rack itself had come off of the rear rack but the frame was sound. the bike was in pretty good shape overall so i did not really think much of it. a week later i was riding my bike home from the bike shop for a minor repair, i noticed that there was a tiny dent on the lower left of the rear rack bracket. i could tell it had been there awhile because it was a bit swollen. and it was tiny. so i took the bike to the bike shop again and asked if this could be fixed. the mechanic looked at it and i asked him to fix it since i had the bike. he said the dent could not be removed. i was kinda pissed. i rode that bike for almost a year with no damage. i was already going to replace a rear rack, frame, and fork anyway. so i called the shop again and told them about the dent. i said that it has been there for a month. i asked if they could fix the dent and hopefully get the rack back on. they said the dent was really not that noticeable. i told them that it is not that hard to notice but they said they cannot do anything about it. so now i am thinking of replacing the rack






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Ddl 2012 Warblade MK II

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